Hey I'm Richard

I like to get things done. Let's ideate, prototype and test.

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4 exits

Wore various hats to help 4 startups reach an exit.

7 new product launches

Contributed or led design for 7 new products.

5 spaces

Fortunate to create products in 5 spaces including HR, consumer insights and healthcare.

3 formative failures

NGL, 3 key failures taught me invaluable professional lessons.

6 days at Wimbledon

I spent 6 days in the Wimbledon queue which got me on centre court 3 times.

25+ countries visited

I once had wanderlust which took me to over 25 countries.

Case studies

Here's a set of case studies which showcase my experience driving design, growth and product.


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A bit about me

Things I value

I like small teams, setting goals and executing on ideas.

I think speed and focus are critical, so I’m all about the lean startup methodology and jobs to be done framework.

Skills I’m building

I’m developing skills that can help me understand how to create successful products.

Skills include critical thinking, roadmapping, intermediate to advanced spreadsheets skills and product analytics.